Jody White-Judkins and Robb Judkins have both experienced setbacks and disappointments in their individual lives. Over the years, they have learned to become overcomers and be successful, while always giving the glory to God.


Individually, they have both overcome some life-altering obstacles, and have learned to take their challenges and turn them into hope and motivation for others.  (These Champions have the scars to prove it!) Independently, they have learned to motivate others with their experiences and have spoken for a large variety of groups and organizations.  (You've got to read their!).

Jody and Robb, now together, the first year of their marriage was both awesome and wonderful, yet had its challenges too. Many marriages might not have survived, but with their commitment and strong love for each other and to God, they are still alive and well, and sharing their story throughout California.

2008 was an outstanding year in Robb's life as he married his best friend and soul mate Jody White.  On 08/08/08 Sir Robb of Corona, “The Knight in Shining Armor” married the Beautiful Lady Jody of Corona, in a royal wedding fit for a King and Queen.  In April 2009 brought the news that his beautiful bride had been awarded the Riverside County "Woman of the Year",presented by the Board of Supervisors and the Commission of Women. This award was given for her work as an advocate for Homeless women, children and families throughout Southern California.  It is this work that brought Robb and Jody together as friends in May of 2005 at a fundraiser organized by Jody for the local Corona Homeless Shelter.  Together they share their love and walk with the Lord daily.

As they both say..."We've got stories!"  Together they have taken their life time of experiences (yes, the good, the bad, and the ugly) and formed Robb Judkins Ministries. 

Jody and Robb will inspire, motivate and teach you how to be empowered with proven strategies to open doors that no one can shut.

Be Blessed!!!