Jody is a dynamic presenter, and leaves audiences wanting more. She has

vast knowledge that she shares. She is dependable and of high integrity”.

           Robbie Motter, NAFE, Western & Mid Atlantic Regional Director


Dr. Jody White-Judkins has lived a life that many would see as trial by fire. Despite it all, she has walked a path that she hopes will not only help others, but also serve as an opportunity to set an example in her faith.

Jody is a popular and sought after Soul-Winning Inspirational Speaker, who is authentic and shows her passion for life. She shares not only her own inspirational story, but also how she overcame some of life’s most earth-shattering and life-altering obstacles. Her passion, leadership, persistence and caring has brought her far: from being abused and homeless herself, to being an executive director of a non-profit agency advocating for the homeless and uniting the community; to planning strategic ways to end homelessness on a governmental level.

Jody is respected as a leader, who impacts our community by leading the way to making Riverside County a better place.  In 2009, Jody was named “Woman of the Year”, by the County of Riverside Board of Supervisors & Commission for Women. And later that year was awarded the “Woman of Achievement Award” by the YWCA of Riverside County. In April 2010, Jody was honored by California State University San Bernardino and the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship as an Inductee to the "Spirit of the Entrepreneur Wall of Fame” for being a past recipient of the very prestigious "Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award" in 2007. The award was given to Jody for her entrepreneurial spirit in Public Service.

Jody speaks at national conferences, seminars, colleges and universities but loves to speak at local high schools and civic groups with her favorite topic of Leadership, Overcoming, Purpose, Can-Do-Attitude & Your Destiny.  She also loves to receive invitations to speak at churches and synagogues with her story of faith, trusting the Lord, overcoming and having the victory.  It’s truly nothing short of miraculous!

Dr. Jody White-Judkins, D.Min., is a licensed and ordained minister of  the Gospel of Jesus Christ (or “Yeshua Ha-Mashiachישוע המשיח   in Hebrew), and is thoroughly educated in both the Jewish and Christian perspectives.  Jody has truly become a beacon to women of faith throughout America and Israel.  Jody lives in Corona with her husband and soul mate Robb, who is also a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Founder of Robb Judkins Ministries. They have 3 adult children and 2 grandsons.

Jody’s lifestyle exemplifies the maxim, “Chai”  חַי  which is Hebrew for “living life”…and she does!   As she says, “I’ve got stories that will make you live everyday to the fullness!” 

L’Chaim!  חַי