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Whether you're here to learn more on enjoying Jody White-Judkins' entrepreneurial faith-building message of overcoming, hope, empowerment, encouragement, and how to succeed in business or in life.  

Perhaps you're here to get information on how to have Jody & Robb speak at your next conference, seminar, school or church event.  You'll enjoy the empowering and extraordinary stories that they share, and how they overcame some of life's most earth-shattering events.  Let these "Champions of Life" help you identify your passion, show you how to develop your leadership skills and abilities. But more importantly, how you can have fulfillment and purpose in your life.

Did I happen to mention that Jody was named "Woman of the Year" and the recipient of the "Woman of Achievement Award" all in one year!!!  Girlfriend, she knows of what she speaks! You should be mindful to listen.  But don't let me say so, just read her endorsements. (click on Dr. Jody White-Judkins for more...)

Maybe you're here to learn more about Robb and his dynamic testimony. 

Jody and Robb will inspire, motivate and teach you how to be empowered with proven strategies to open doors that no one can shut.

Be Blessed!!!